Shopify Marketing Plan from Cally!

If you were wanting a neat idea for a marketing plan - I’d like to suggest one you could try. :)

1.) Use [Canva]( and create a social media post image that lists “Share this post and enter in your email at “store” (replace it with your URL of course) to be entered to win 1 of 3 (product/gift card)! Contest ends X date .

2.) If you do not already have a popup for your email subscriber list, you’ll want to make it easy for people to enter their email once they get to your homepage. I would suggest either [Privy]( or [PixelPop](

3.) Post your image with a link to your home page on your social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc… Be sure to specify they need to share the post AND sign up for your email newsletter. Get some friends to share this, and perhaps Boost this post at the beginning. Feel free to repost several times a week.

4.) Run the contest for however long you had decided and then head into your Customers section to choose your winner(s). Announce that over social media and see if there was a lot of positive feedback or not.

5.) With this newly acquired email list, you can [create a lookalike audience]( and the ad will run to audience _actually_ interested in your product. Think of that next ad you’d like to run and you should see a better result.

6.) Now you also have an email subscriber list you can update with sales & promotions using [Mailchimp]( and syncing your Shopify list using the [Mailchimp app](

7.) Don’t forget to email all of the customers who didn’t win and send them a coupon code with a “Thanks for entering!” sort of message to get some sales to come in!